Grocery delivery – ‘Breakfast Essentials’ pack



Ideal for those arriving late into resort who don’t have time to go to the shops on arrival. Make sure your favourite breakfast items are already in the cupboard when you get here.
– Prices are inclusive of food delivery

Groceries list:

– Fresh milk (1 litre)
– Butter (250g)
– Bread (1 baguette)
– Eggs x 6
– Yoghurt x 8
– Tea bags (1 pack)
– Sugar (1 box)
– Orange juice (1 litre)
– Jam (1 jar)
– Cereals (1 box of cornflakes type of cereals)

Items mentioned above are not brand specific. 

Your shopping order will be confirmed by email and everything will then be arranged before your arrival. Your shopping order is provisional until you have received confirmation from us. Prices are valid for Winter 2018/19.

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